classical guitars


Classical Guitars

European Spruce of the highest quality is used for the top. This wood is hand-picked and is one of the main influences on that beautiful singing treble that is typical in my guitars (and violins for that matter). The standard for the sides and backs on the guitars is East Indian Rosewood. Brazilian Rosewood or figured maple are also available. The rosettes and purfling are all hand made with natural wood with no artificial dyes. I feel that this gives the instrument a simple and elegant appearance.
Spanish style construction is always used for greater stability and a smoother interior for tonal reasons. Also for tone, I do not use kerfed linings. Linings and tail block are made from black willow which is very light and fine grained.  The oil varnish is durable and gives the guitars a beautiful, transparent luster. Because the varnish is quite supple, it has a definite positive influence on the tonal qualities.

The vintage European spruce tops are cut from hand split billets that were from a select tree in the Swiss Alps and brought back to England about 1920. they were then trimmed to ‘cello tops and air dried. When Jose Romanillos was in Toronto in the 70’s, he gave me the contact information for this wood and I immediately bought the balance of it.- I thank God now that he was providing me with tone wood of a quality that I had not dreamed of. Similarly, He gave me a beautiful supply of Brazilian Rosewood before there was an embargo put on it. He has given me all I need to produce these  fine guitars.