Dale Sutherland: “Your guitars stood out amongst all others in fit and meticulous finish as did your pride of workmanship and  love of precision.—–Ultimately it only required me to pluck two strings on your guitar; it was as if the sound was never in the guitar, it just blossomed and leapt off of the surface.”

Katsue Odasa:  This is an endorsement not only for my instrument, but for the maker as well. Bruce West guitar is now 29 years old and has brought me much joy in playing throughout the years. After noticing some minor wear, I tried to find someone locally for the fix. Luckily my daughter was able to find Bruce through his web and she reached out to him. Much to my delight, I got a reply back right away and within a short time I got my good-old, but brand -new- looking guitar back. He took much care with the repair – I was only expecting a few fixes but when I got back the guitar, I realized that he did so much more work than I originally thought / expected. I am truly impressed with his passion and enthusiasm. Thank you Bruce! You are a world class luthier and down to earth person whom I admire. I am grateful to own your one-of-a-kind guitars.  Katsue Osada,

Colin Brisbois: ” I recently purchased a 34 year old guitar that bears the insignia “Bruce West”. I am wondering if you are the creator of exquisite Spanish guitar which sings like a ‘cello and has a tremendous depth of voice and expression.” Colin Brisbois, B. Mus.

John LaRoque, -Ring Music: “One has to hear to believe”